Latico Leather Amish "Crossbreed Killer" Holsters...


latico-oxblood-compressed.jpg latico-black-compressed.jpg latico-neutral-compressed.jpg

I used this holster at a recent Combat Focus Shooting event.

I went through 800 - 900 rounds, drawing and holstering hundreds of times, from sitting to standing to sprawled on my back.

The holster worked great - always open to reholster.

Solid retention - IWB - Tuckable - adjustable inside the waistband depth

These holsters are great!

Rather than buying a different holster for each pistol, buy one of these holsters that'll fit your XD, 1911, Glock, Kahr, etc... Pretty much "one size fits all."

At $60 - shipped directly to your home, you're saving a boatload over buying multiple gun specific kydex holsters.

They come in black, oxblood (burgundy) and neutral. The neutral pictured above is shown with a black leather pocket, but I can get solid neutral as well.

Left hand carry also available.

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